Great deals on auto sales in the Harrisonburg area!

If we don’t already have the vehicle you want, we’ll find it for you! We make car buying stress free!

Mountain Valley Motors of Harrisonburg and Dayton, offers a custom vehicle buying service. Rather than simply trying to sell you what we happen to have in our inventory, we will work with you to find the specific vehicle that you want or need. This is how our vehicle finding process usually works:

Tell us what you want.

  1. You submit a vehicle request – either online, in person, or via phone.
  2. If you don’t know for sure what specific vehicle you want, we will work with you to explain the different makes and models and their pros and cons so you can make an informed decision. We can also discuss price range and availability so that you will know what to expect. We like you to be as specific as possible so that we can make sure to find exactly what you are looking for. Sometimes we may even suggest that you go find a similar vehicle for sale and test drive it to make sure that it will suit you.

We find your new vehicle.

  1. Once we have the make/model/color/options etc. narrowed down we go to work to try to find the right vehicle at the best possible value. We source vehicles from other dealers, fleet and lease companies, rental returns, bank owned cars, etc. All the vehicles we buy undergo a thorough pre-purchase inspection including a vehicle history report to check for any problems such as previous accidents, title/or odometer issues, or damage. Under no circumstances will we purchase vehicles that have salvage or repairable title history or flood damage.
  2. In most cases we will attempt to contact you before we finalize the purchase of the vehicle to verify that it is still what you are looking for and to verify the features, color, and/or condition of the vehicle.

The vehicle undergoes a rigorous inspection for quality assurance, before you buy!

  1. Once we purchase the vehicle and transport it to our shop, it undergoes our rigorous mechanical, drivability, and cosmetic inspection. We then work up an estimate on all necessary repairs, maintenance, and cosmetic work that it needs. If the vehicle cannot be brought up to our exacting standards we do not expect you to purchase the vehicle and we will find other avenues through which to sell it.
  2. We perform all necessary maintenance and repairs to make sure the vehicle will pass VA State Inspection and has all preventative maintenance up to date. We detail it inside and out and if necessary we will have dings removed by a Paintless Dent Removal professional or possibly glass chips repaired etc.

You pick up your new vehicle that we conveniently tag and license in house.

  1. Once all the work has been completed the vehicle is ready to pick up and we will arrange a time to complete all the paperwork and a final test drive to make sure you are happy with the vehicle. We do all Virginia titling and registration at our office so that you don’t have to go to the DMV. For our out of state customers we provide 30 day temporary tags.

Would you like us to start looking for your next vehicle?

We price vehicles to give you maximum value and make buying simple!

If you are like most car buyers you dread the process of finding a car and then negotiating with the dealer.  You will often run into high pressure sales tactics and quite possibly even some underhanded or potentially deceptive practices.  At the very least you will always walk away wondering whether or not you got a fair price.  At Mountain Valley Motors we do things a little differently.

To start with Mountain Valley Motors doesn’t have any processing fees or other hidden fees.  The price is the real price.  Some other dealers have processing fees up up to $999 that are added on to the purchase price.

If you are looking at a vehicle that we have in our inventory, we will be happy to show you the repairs and maintenance done to the car as well as the inspection report.  We price our inventory vehicles at a fair price that is usually well below retail book value and takes into account the service and maintenance that we have performed on the vehicle. We don’t leave a whole lot of room for haggling because we don’t like to haggle and we know that most of our customers don’t either.

In addition, if you are Virginia resident and we handle the DMV work, you will need to pay us the fees which we will forward on to the DMV. VA sales tax (currently 4%), Title fee ($10), Registration fee (Usually between $40.75 -$54.75 for one year’s registration depending on weight and type of vehicle), and online filing fee ($9.95). We do not charge any additional processing fees or any other hidden fees.

Come visit us today and see for yourself what makes Mountain Valley Motors different.

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