What do you know about your tires?

What do you know about the tires on your car?

The automobile tire is possibly the least understood part of a modern vehicle. With all the technology that is employed in today’s vehicles, the tire is, and continues to be, the one component that few people truly understand. It is often overlooked and dismissed as a simple device. This is simply not the case. But unfortunately even people in both the retail tire industry and the automotive repair business often have very little knowledge of tires.


Have you ever wondered what all those little numbers on the sides of your car tires mean?  If you are like most people you have probably never given it a thought.  When it comes time to buy new tires you just tell the friendly salesperson at the tire shop to put on something cheap or something good. Most people care about the safety of their passengers and cargo and most people want a tire to wear properly so they don’t have to replace them often.  But do you know whether you are getting something good or whether or not the cheap tires are actually the right tires for your car and driving conditions? All those little numbers on the side of your tires can tell you whether the tires you are buying are the right tires for your vehicle and driving style.  But most of you probably don’t know what all those little numbers mean.

Don’t worry, Mountain Valley Motors is here to help.  Not only do we know what all those numbers mean, we will be glad to explain them to you so that you know exactly what you are getting.  So let’s get started on a little tutorial shall we?  Over the next couple days we will post a series of informational articles to explain what you need to know in order to be an educated consumer.

If you are located in the Harrisonburg Virginia area – give us a call and we will help you choose the right tires for your car or light truck.