Mountain Valley Motors has a reputation for being a little different.

Many people have commented over the years that Mountain Valley Motors is a different sort of automotive company. And usually they mean it in a good way. New employees have talked about it. New customers have asked about it and longstanding customers have told their friends and family about the difference at Mountain Valley Motors. Even our vendors and sometimes competitors have commented about it.

So what is it? What makes Mountain Valley Motors different? To understand the difference you probably need to know something about the guiding principles upon which this company was founded and is managed.

Christian principles guide our business.

The owners of this company operate based on Christian principles found in the Bible. These principles include the value and importance of work and business for the betterment of all people and for the glory of God, the need for honesty and integrity in every activity and relationship, an attempt to provide leadership through service to others, the importance of human relationships and the care for people over and above the care for things, and the desire to be good stewards of what God has given for the benefit of our environment, our employees, our customers, and our vendors. Out of these fundamental principles we have developed some more specific guiding statements that help to keep us grounded as a company and ensure that these principles get communicated to all our employees and business partners.

We hope that you see and experience these values in your association with our company. If you feel like we have failed to live up to these principles please be gracious enough to help us understand where we have failed and give us a chance to make it right.

We operate by these guiding statements:

  • We exist to provide solutions to people’s automotive needs.
  • We don’t sell cars or service; we sell customer service.
  • Cars are fun but people are important.
  • Because people are important relationships matter.
  • Honesty and Integrity provide a foundation for good relationships.
  • Competence is what builds trust.
  • Educating the customer is an important part of building trust and relationships.
  • Trust is what makes relationships work.
  • Friendliness and respect is what makes relationships enjoyable.
  • Relationships are what create value and long term profitability.
  • Patience is required in all interactions.
  • Teamwork gets us through the tough stuff.
  • Profitability is absolutely necessary.

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