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Mountain Valley Motors, LLC offers tire replacement and repair services. You can purchase tires from us or bring ones that you have purchased elsewhere. We offer a full line of car and light truck tires from manufacturers such as Cooper, Michelin, BF Goodrich, Firestone, Continental, Bridgestone, and many more. We offer computerized tire balancing and are equipped with state of the art tire changing and repair equipment to handle any size or type of wheel/tire combination found on modern vehicles. If you buy your tires from us, we provide free tire rotation for the life of your tires along with any tire manufacturers warranties that are applicable.

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But Mountain Valley Motors does more than just sell and install tires. Tire technology is changing fast and is increasingly more complicated that it used to be. It is not just as simple as knowing what size your tires are. Almost all modern vehicles are equipped with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), which add complexity and cost, and provide unique challenges for tire installers.

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There are many different options for tire weight and speed ratings, which must be matched to your particular vehicle and driving style. In addition there are countless numbers of options for tread wear and tread design as well as temperature and traction ratings. All of these options and features can create difficulty in making a well-informed decision about what tires you should have installed on your vehicle. At Mountain Valley Motors we aren’t just here to sell you tires, we want to help you get the best tire for your budget and your vehicle. We will take the time to explain the options and features and make good recommendations for your particular needs based on our expertise and experience. We might not be the least expensive place to buy tires, but we want to provide the best value. And we believe value comes through providing careful attention your needs and the needs of your vehicle so that you get a product and service that you can have confidence in and that ultimately does what it is supposed to do.

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