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Mountain Valley Motors is blessed to have a team of professionals who work together to provide our customers with friendly, competent service. One of the characteristics that define us as individuals, and as a team, is that we are passionate about all things automotive.   We love working with and around cars.   The second characteristic that defines us is that we enjoy working with people. Our slogan is “Cars are fun. People are important.”

Each member of our team brings some unique perspectives, strengths, and experience. Working together, we can solve just about any problem – and have fun doing it.

Hank Davis


Hank has been working in the automotive world since high school. He has a wide range of experience with many different aspects of automotive service. His specialties are Volvo, BMW, and Volkswagen service.

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Transmission Repair and Replacement, Harrisonburg
Timing Belt Replacement, Harrisonburg
Timing Belt Replacement, Harrisonburg